We are excited to have your dog stay with us!


$30 one dog

$5 more each additional dog

Daycare Hourly

$2.50 per hour

Book Appointments - Mobile Link

Openings available-

September 28-30

October 3-13 & 16-25

November 1-5 & 9-24

December 1-16 & 19-27

Closed Thanksgiving (Nov 25-28 ) Closed New Years (Dec 28- January 1)

I will be out of town from Sept 23- 27 and will be offline

We offer overnight boarding, as well as, hourly dog daycare on our county set property. Our building has heating and cooling for the cold and warmer months. Each dog has his or her own 5x5 indoor kennel with a 5x15 outdoor run. The play yard is fenced with a 6 foot chain link fence. We have a small fenced area to separate smaller dogs as needed. Kennel is monitored inside and out by security camera 24/7.

Please call or text 785-851-1385 to book your stay!


Proof of current vaccinations

Client information forms filled out (below )

Dog Food- preferred in small containers or baggies

Appointment Required for drop off and pick up.


Elevated dog bed, food & water bowls, blankets


19492 Q Road Holton Kansas 66436

We are located 4.5 miles south of Holton Kansas on the East side of Q Road(locally known as Old 75).

We have a lot of new customers! Which, is very exciting. Thank you all for the referrals. And "Welcome!" to our new friends.

As a reminder, we offer drop off and pick up 7 days a week! That's pretty unique. But, with that, I do have some guidelines.

1. PLEASE call or text before you come! Or at least set up an appointment time.

2. If you have an appointment time, please be within 5-10 minutes of your set time.

3. Sunday is my FAMILY day. We go to church every Sunday morning. I have been generous with allowing people to come before and after. I will now be going to after only. You may come after 2:00 and you MUST have an appointment set up.

4. Please be respectful of my guidelines.

I want to keep offering Sunday pick ups, but I will discontinue in the near future if things keep going this way. If you do not set up a time, please do not show up unannounced and expect my family to help. They do not work for me or my business. This has been happening weekly. You must make an appointment.

Thank you for understanding & Thank you all for your continued support of my #smallbusiness.

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